It's This Easy

OfficeFeeder acts as a one point of contact for all of your catering needs.  We customize the menus to meet your dietary restrictions and budgets.  All you have to do is approve the menu and we do the rest.  Give us a try, you will love us!   


Give Us the 411

Let us know the basics via email, phone call, text, invite us to your Outlook or Google calendar event or send us a smoke signal. All we need to know is the date the meals are needed, the time they need to arrive and the number of people we’re serving. One more thing—don’t forget to make sure to include any allergies, dietary restrictions and culinary preferences anyone may have.

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We Confirm We Got This

You will receive an email with an itemized invoice promptly. Just review the invoice to make sure we heard you correctly. We promise that we won’t begin the catering order for your company until you give your written stamp of approval. Colorado dining has never been so reliable by caterers!


Do the Thousand Other Things You Need to Do

This next step is crucial: just sit back, handle your business and let us worry about the catering. OfficeFeeder within the Greater Denver Area will coordinate everything with the restaurant and make sure everything else is taken care of. That’s it! Nothing to sign, no tip to leave.